Reasons to enter The Woodridge Trail Run

Its Saturday morning. Butterflies are circling your stomach as you drive through the mist towards something great. Your nerves kick in as the adrenaline starts pumping through your veins when you hit the Van Stadens Bridge. You step out of your car and then a sudden feeling engulfs you as you take in, that you’re about to run through the school grounds and on the trails that were threatened by a devasting fire not too long ago. Yes, take a look around at the glory, that is Woodridge College!  See how they managed to restore the beauty after such an incident.

The Woodridge Trail Run 2018 is here to showcase what a community can do when they stand together.  Come and see how perseverance, passion and pride came together to recreate this iconic school.

Besides supporting Woodridge College, there are 6 other incredible benefits to running this event.

  1. You’ll get a Woodridge College Tour
    After running though the glorious grounds of Woodridge College, you will be given the opportunity to get a personal guided tour of the school. Mr Holmes, the man in-charge of the renovations, will explain what it took to rebuild the school that has so much history and tradition attached to it. It’s an incredible story!


  1. You’ll get rewarded with Discovery
    Are you a Discovery Vitality medical aid member? Well, then lucky you! The Woodridge Trail Run 2018 rewards vitality members between 300 and 600 points! You can take in the beautiful scenery, feel refreshed and earn points doing that. Sounds like a good deal to me.


  1. Kidz Zone is available to ALL that have kids
    There’s nothing that we love more than seeing whole families come to the events, which is why we have been making continuous growth in being able to offer mom and dad a chance to run the event together. We’re not suggesting that mom needs to wait for dad before crossing the finish.  We just love the idea of families enjoying a trial together.  Suffer, laugh and in some cases cry together.  We also love the ‘after-event’ chatter about the route, which you can only do if you both run it.  Hence, the birth of our Kidz Zone!  Your little one will be entertained while you enjoy each other again.  Then you’re also all together for the post-run festivities.The Kidz Zone is filled with fun activities and snakc for only R50 per child. BUT it’s free if both mom and dad enter the race together.


  1. Everyone gets something
    Whether you are one of the first 150 entrants into The Woodridge Trail Run or finish the race, you get a memento. The first 150 people who enter the trail run, get a FREE cup! Plus ALL finishers get a much deserved finisher badge. Don’t miss out on our very generous prize-giving.


  1. Exclusive Trails
    Once a year the public are allowed to run in the Ningi Private Game Reserve. This is THAT time! Be a part of the lucky few who get to run in this part of the world. Run through the beautiful, game filled Ningi Private Game Reserve. The 14km and 23km are bound to see game – so go on and challenge yourself – run wild!


  1. Get Refreshed!
    We know what you’re thinking, do I have to bring cash? The answer is no! There will be a fully stocked bar with card facilities! Get refreshed and quench your thirst after your run and you won’t have to worry about carrying money! Food will also be served for those hungry tummies.

So come on!  Enter this awesome event. Experience Woodridge College after the work has been completed, get a guided tour on the renovations, get rewarded through Vitality, mom and dad can enjoy the trails stress free, everyone gets a memento and all your favourite drinks and food will be served! It really is going to be a family filled day out at The Woodridge Trail Run!


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