Smell the Sea and Run Free on the Sacramento Trails at the Autumn Trail Series

The first race of The Autumn Trail Series kicks off on the Sacramento Trail, which starts at the historical seaside Sacramento Restaurant.  With incredible ocean views, where whales and dolphins are often spotted, the Sacramento restaurant even has a menu for your furry friends that have come on an outing with you.  Eating with a fantastic view and good company is not all that Sacramento has to offer though.   

The Sacramento restaurant is situated on one of the entries to get into Sardinia Bay Nature Reserve, which is through Schoenmakerskop.  The reserve was proclaimed in 1980 but the bronze cannon, which points towards the wreck of the Portuguese galleon Sacramento was foundered on 30 June 1647.  By the time she hit the rocky coastline, she already had a badly damaged rudder and her sails were in tatters due to the foul weather.  Seventy-two survivors reached the beach when the ship was run aground and they set out to walk 1300km back to Mozambique.  Sadly, only nine reached Maputo (Delagoa Bay) on 5 January 1648. Only four people out of the nine survived to sail back to Goa, a Portuguese colony in India. Then in 1977 local dives salvaged 40 bronze cannons from the wreck, including the one on display right near the Sacramento Restaurant.   

The Sacramento trail starts near the cannon at the west end of Schoenmakerskop and follows the coastline to Sardinia Bay, through the Sardinia Bay Nature Reserve, then returning through bridle-tracks and a path along the top of vegetated dunes. At the Sacramento monument one can see two tall white beacons which mark the boundary of the adjacent Sardinia Bay Marine Reserve. On the trail, at the far end of the sandy bay, named Cannon Bay, lie the ruins of a mill used to crush seashells. There are rocky sections that stretch out into the sea along the coastline that create sheltered pools that are abundant with small and young fish. There are also terrestrial plants among the rocks that are able to handle the sea spray and the thin soil; the most common plants found there are Gazania and Tetragonia.

The trail offers such attractive seascapes, landscapes as well as beautifully crafted dunes and stunning wild flowers. Come and run this beautiful trail that has captured so much of its history in such a beautiful way.  You are bound to be moved by all that the Sacramento trials have to offer at the first race of the Autumn Trail Series. 

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