Woodridge Trail Run 2019 – Powered by GENERGY

Woodridge Trail Run

Genergy – You’ve all seen the greenery on the walls of their building down on Alabaster road in the Baakens Valley. You might even have gone so far as to read their slogan – Inspired Sustainability, but do you know what it is they do?  Here’s what’s going on behind those decorative walls. 

An explanation for the average person out there – Genergy design, install and maintain state of the art and affordable solar solutions for businesses.  With a simple six step process, Genergy assists companies to develop a sustainable and lower cost approach to energy consumption. They do this through world-class audits, engineering and design, and the installation and maintenance of solar energy systems.

By powering businesses for less they are creating a cleaner, more sustainable future for all.     

An explanation for the average trail runner out there – Genergy generates power by capturing sunlight. Or maybe we should say it like this: Genergy + sun = electricity. 

Ok now that we’re ALL on the same page, what does this have to do with trail running?

Genergy will be powering the 2019 Woodridge Trail Run with Big O Sports.  Why this exciting partnership?  Chris has gone GREEN!  No, just kidding.   We’re still working on that one.  Genergy designed and installed the solar solution seen on the roofs of many of Woodridge’s school buildings.  It therefore made sense to expand the partnership to the oldest established trail event in the Eastern Cape – The Woodridge Trail Run.  Genergy has entered into a 3 year agreement with Big O Sports and Woodridge to not only sponsor the event, but also play an active role on the day.  Besides being available on the day to answer all the trail runners questions, ‘God help Genergy’, they’re also handing out a number of free young Spekboom plants.  Why Spekboom?  It’s considered one of the world’s best carbon capturing plants. We’re not even going to try explain what that means.  Come ask Genergy on the 20th of October at the Woodridge Trail Run. 

For those of you that have been like a giraffe and have had your head in the tree tops (see what we did there) LOL , the Woodridge Trail Run starts at Woodridge College but runs through the stunning Yellow Wood trails on Ningi Farm.  This is an area that only gets opened up to the public for ONE event.  This is it!  There are 3 trail distances: 6km, 14km, and 23km, which cater for a wide range of athletes and to anyone who wants to enjoy some time in the bush or have a close-encounter with wild-life. 

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