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Woodridge Trail Run 2019 – Powered by GENERGY

Woodridge Trail Run

Genergy – You’ve all seen the greenery on the walls of their building down on Alabaster road in the Baakens Valley. You might even have gone so far as to read their slogan – Inspired Sustainability, but do you know what it is they do?  Here’s what’s going on behind those decorative walls.  An explanation […]


The French impressionist artist, Claude Monet once said,  “My wish is to stay always like this, living quietly in a corner of nature.”  Having visited Monet’s home and walked in his garden we can assure you, Monet lived the life he wished for in true French country style.  The Royalston Coastal Wildlife Estate is the […]

King of the Valley You Say?

King of the Valley.  Some of you may be wondering which valley and why would you want to be crowned its ruler.  Here is all you need to know about this beautiful valley situated right here in Nelson Mandela Bay.    OUR RIVER There is a 23km urban river whose source is on the outskirts of Port Elizabeth […]